Q: How are the value of my items determined?
A: We do a thorough search using online and individual resources, and appraisers to provide the best re-sale range.

Q: How do you determine what percentage you take if my items sell?
A: The percentage range is generally between 25% and 50%. The percentage we take is based on what is required to transport, inventory, ship, and sell your goods. We cover a wide range of services at no cost however the estimated price, and the required effort to recover any goods dictate whether or not there is sufficient cause to increase the percentage we require to sell those goods.

Q: Where are my items being listed?
A: We use a multitude of online and specialist resources to sell your item. Wherever we are selling your goods we will host a link to the listing on the Store page of our website which will double the power of your listing. We have found that certain goods sell better using specific online resources. We will discuss those options and what is involved during our evaluation phase of your goods.

Q: Are there any other fees involved with selling my goods?
A: Any required fees will be determined by how we go about selling your items. Certain resources such as Craigslist, and That’s Not Junk websites are completely FREE! Other resources that we use to sell your items and collect payments such as eBay, Paypal, etc. have their own fees that will be deducted prior to the agreed percentage we require to sell your goods. These types of fees are discussed up front as we determine the best plan of action to resell your items.

Q: What is your official eBay ID?
A: thatsnotjunktm. Better yet, click here to find us on eBay!

Q: How, and when do I get paid?
A: In certain cases we can make a direct deposit transfer to your bank account. We can send you a check. And we can certainly hold the amount in credit so you can shop with us directly as well.

Q: What happens if my goods do not sell?
A: Any goods that cannot be sold within a 90 day period will be deemed unsellable. At that point any goods can be retrieved at our holding facility by the owner, or return shipped at the owners expense. There are no charges for unsold items.

Q: Can I just send you my goods?
A: Please do not send any goods to us without advance consultation. Call us at
(866) 648-4464, or click here to email us right away so we can get started!

Q: Where can I see my listed items?
A: All links to listings for all resources will be hosted on our Store page on ThatsNotJunk.com.